1st anniversary Gift – Carnation

Your near dear are to celebrate their first anniversary and you are confused what gift should you present on this one of the most precious moment ……

A number of things you may present with your best wishes but again the question raises what to give? If you do know their likes or dislikes then you may choose anything that make them happy but if you do not know much about their likes then a beautiful artistically prepared flowers bunch will be a good choice.

Reason behind presenting sending flowers is that the fresh, beautiful and sweet smelling flowers have ability to create pleasant environment around.

Carnation: are considered best to be presented on 1st anniversary as they are associated with love and fascination. These delightful and sweet scented flowers grow around 16-18 inches tall and can be obtained from spring until. Carnations are available in red, green, pinkish-purple, white and yellow variations.