Feng Shui And Indoor Gardening

Feng Shui And Indoor Gardening

Planing to plant houseplants to get maximum Feng Shui benefits ?

Do you have any idea what kind of plants you should keep and where to place then into your home, actually place and type of plant influence your feeling a lot.  If you are not able to determine what to do then the approach, called Feng Shui, is there to help you.  Feng Shui has been helping people since ages.

Feng Shui says that every living thing possesses energy. If you keep fresh plants and beautiful interior around you then you will feel better.

Did you feel anytime that you enter into a home but you don’t feel comfortable and well ?? It is because that the needed energy is off. Think what if this happens you in you home, what will you do …. you will try to restore the positive energy around you and the best way to improve the energy in your home is through your choice of plants. You should avoid dead or dying plants.

Lucky Bamboo is the most favorable and recommended plant in Feng Shui, you can place them anywhere in the home and the will need a litter sunlight to survive.