How to Make Perfume with Fresh Petals

Wanted To Know How to Make Perfume with Fresh Petals

A number of perfumes are available in the market and like others you also buy one that attracts you the most from your local market.  Most of the perfumes available in market contain chemicals.

If you do not want to use chemically processed perfume then you can get a fresh and superb smelling perfume made with natural ingredients on your own. Making fresh flowers petals perfume at home is quit easy and it will cost you much lesser then the perfume available in the market. Home made perfume will stay at lest 1 month and best of all that you can prepare different types of organic perfume with the blossom you like the most.

Making Perfume with Fresh Petals

To make a sweet smelling perfume –

Collect fresh petals of strong aroma flowers such as rose, jasmine etc. you will need at lest 2 coups. After collecting the fresh petals of your choice now you will need a bowl full of 2 coups of distilled water and a cheesecloth cloth. Spread the cheesecloth over the bowl and fill the bowl with fresh petals. Pour the distill water into the bowl till it covers the petals. Now cover the petals with the cheesecloth and let the bowl site overnight.

Next day filter the water and flowers through the cheesecloth and remove all plant material. Simmer the water until about 1 teaspoon is left and let the simmer water cool and place it into a small bottle.

Here you are. Your fresh perfume is ready without adding any harmful chemical into it. This will last for 1month at least.